3D character development according to your sketch

750 $

Sculpting, retopology, texturing


3D character development from scratch

1 250 $

Art concept, sculpting, retopology, texturing


Development of a 3D character ready for animation for a game or movie

1 500 $

Sculpt, retopology, uv mapping, bake, texturing, animation rig and skinning


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Let's make a CG character for your project


Atria Animation Ltd. offers a service for the development of 3D characters for mobile apps, computer games and animation movies. This year, character development for augmented reality is especially popular.

It’s hard to find a really experienced team to develop a high quality CG character. There are very few offers from real experts. Why? In short - because it is difficult.

We have made more than 150 heroes. Work on each of them taught us something new. This is not surprising, because to make a truly high-quality character is an extremely difficult task.


Typically, character production consists of at least 8 stages: Art, Sculpting, Retopology, UV Mapping, Texture baking, Texture painting, Rigging, Skinning.


With a character of average complexity, we go through 8 stages of production in 10-15 working days, spending 80-100 hours. In the production process of each character, at least 4 steep specialists in computer graphics participate: 2D-CG Artist, 3D Sculptor, Baker, Programmer Rigger, Animator, Supervisor.


Our main advantage is that we provide Quality Assurance for our services. First we make several iterations, to achieve the best result, only after that we request for approval.


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